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Keeping Your Audience Mesmerised

From live performance to recorded media, my expertise means that you get believable and engaging characterisation that keeps bums on seats and creates a memorable occasion for audience and investors alike.

Having graduated from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and worked professionally for over 100 companies and for over 10 years, I bring skills developed from a 360-degree approach.

I’ll create a show for your company, working with the actors to maximise their value and working with your team to create a dynamic vision that will transport your audience. I’ll provide your staff and students with the tools and constructive feedback necessary to refine their technique and create a solid foundation for their talents to shine.

My production of ‘Qingming’ in 2018-19 won two special awards for Best Original Production and Best Actress at the Hope China Youth Education Drama National Competition.

Our Bristol-based production company for outlandish comedy shorts, sketches and serious material expressed within an accessible and easy-to-consume, light-hearted brand.

Here’s a link to the two-part proof of concept for an adult comedy series addressing toxic masculinity: If McCann Can Then So Can You.

We offer a range of lessons, workshops, coaching and courses from classroom to corporate on important topics, performance skills, empowerment and soft skills – all developed to meet your specific requirements or address a problem you’re facing.
I write comedy dramas and sketches and can offer bespoke scripts for your online videos or presentations. I can also punch up and troubleshoot your best draft and work with your students to release their unique voice and understand the science behind what makes something funny – I’m here to help you to improve your writing and get those characters on paper.
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