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Nora Keem – Business Models

Why our events create the impact you’re looking for:

Since the major shift in working habits as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, organisations are looking for a way to unite their teams once again. They are looking for increased communication within local, scattered and international teams, a higher level of employee engagement, and a way to find a positive common ground for all staff, no matter where they are in the world, what they work on within the company or whether they are *gulp* going into the office or working from home.
We’re here to bridge that divide. Our events bring a sense of joy and connection back into the workplace by creating magical moments for our guests, celebrating their achievements and celebrating being part of the company – we appreciate how cumbersome it can be to create measurable progress in your team’s culture and community without resistance, and especially resistance to change.
Through our events, you get the opportunity to maintain a sense of popularity and influence within the organisation whilst also bringing new things to the table in a way that injects new life into your organisation without startling people after so much change.
Even if you’re a phenomenal people-person and know what you want to do, it’s tough to get everyone on the same page. We give you that quality control assurance that you can trust us to deliver the goods with as little hassle as possible and take yet another task off your hands – plus, you get a fantastic even that’ll get everyone talking….without breaking your budget!

We are here to solve your problem:

Since the radical changes to the worldwide work environment, people have put their barriers up and have even begun to demonise the office (or even lack of) as if they didn’t choose to be there or even had beat off tough competition to get a place there in the first place! We join everyone together to have fun, reignite that passion for life and the workplace family (increasing productivity, teamwork and impact) and to get back on track to raise each other to the next level. Usually, getting people to be open and to care can be tricky, especially with the rampant sense of disconnection as a habit, rather than due to habitat.
Our aim is to make everyone feel like change is a good thing, that they are safe, and that they are in safe hands – thanks to you, the organiser! Through our events, you get the opportunity to be the bringer of joy to the community and to show them that even better things are just around the corner. Just see what taking a risk on a new initiative or playful experiment does for the good of the team. Now’s your chance to be rewarded for having fun!

Let’s address the elephant in the room

– other competitors want to bring people together physically and try to minimise the massive value of virtual events as if it was just a flash market. They are wrong. We can do things SO much easier than they can….and so much cheaper. We cut out your precious time spent organising all the variables, we cut out transport costs and times for everyone, no more balancing schedules due to awkward transportation timings, no more expensive and frustrating childcare, and no more hassle for anyone – we have everything covered. All you and your guests have to do is show up.
All of our virtual events are designed to be as simple as possible so that no-one has to watch any training videos, receive any links or do anything ahead of the event other than click on the Zoom link we send out (except for our Speedquiz events you can play on your phone) – perfect for latecomers, busy schedules, the ‘technically inept’ and last minute bookings. Not only have we removed room for error or any friction (although, sorry, we can’t upgrade your internet connection), we can even take extra information to tailor the event for you so you know it will hit the spot and smash your objectives out of the park. After all, who doesn’t want to win the award for best backdrop, costume creativity, and choice of snack? Nuts. (literally).
We take our mission to unite people worldwide with magical moments very creatively. Not only will your teams be united with the common ground of our remarkable experience, we tailor our events towards either all demographics or the ones that the main markets cannot do (or do very well) such as the British and European markets on top of Canada/USA. We use popular music before and during the events that everyone has a chance of knowing and bonding over, we host with flexibility across all time zones, and we’ve even built 2 games into one with our flagship musical bingo events just in case anyone is sceptical about the Sheer Power Of Bingo (SPOB it!) and wants to try to guess the songs instead!
We are passionate about over-delivering at every opportunity and are proud to take virtual event entertainment to the next level – that’s why we are Leading Provider of Virtual Entertainment Events UK 2021! We only work with and train hosts with a strong acting background to guarantee that the party is involved in the fun rather than ‘speculating’ as our competition does, we even give our professional event playlists out to our guests FOR FREE when they give us feedback to improve or to spread the word so we can save other people from being let down by our competitors. And speaking of being let down, your event is safe with us, no matter what fear or Covid tries to do – your event is safe from any unpredictable changes in the law, hospitality industry, staffing shortages or health scares. In fact, the only thing to be concerned with is can Jenny turn up with her internet working (No, the modem is not touch-screen yet Jenny).
Whilst we do have the option of creating hybrid events (and oh boy do we get creative), our virtual events are purposely made as simple as possible because we’ve done the hard work on our end. Everyone can join in and understand what to do instantly, it doesn’t matter if you jump in and out because of other commitments with work or family, there’s no Team Leaders and you get the choice of whether to use your smartphone to play or not (Except Speedquiz) so no-one is reliant on anything except from turning up to have a great time!

Whilst *some* of our competitors claim that they make it easy for you (except from the constant to-and-fro of emails) all you have to do is 3 simple steps:


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