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Exhilarating your occasion from boring to celebration!


In direct response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the internet revolution has rocketed to a new level.

With no access to physical events, yet with the constant need to continually train, inform, educate, entertain and inspire clients, business partners and employees, the world has upgraded to the next stage of communication and entertainment

virtual events.


Now more than ever, it is not only cheaper, quicker, easier and more accessible to host events online, but it is a market demand that will set the standards of the future – Simply put, if you do not market your services or host your events online then your business will die.


Change is being forced so instantaneously around the world that the only way to save your business is to embrace the pandemic and move with it, not against it.

The old ways do not work anymore.


To do this, you must have a way to rally your clients, level up your employees, transform business partners into raving fans and to provide a significant experience that will ignite the lives of those in lockdown and give hope and focus during unprecedented times of uncertainty.


My specialism lies in solving your problem:


  • Electrifying events
  • Uniting teams
  • Gifting people with the tools to transform and steer their own lives
  • And, most importantly, creating a phenomenal occasion in such grey times.


I bring you the power to take command of this devastating situation and to thrive.


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Some of the corporate clients I have hosted my own events for include:



Clients I have hosted for on behalf of other companies include:



I also work as a supplier with companies from around the world.


For all presenting enquiries, please contact Alex Ranahan at : / +44779 4989921

The virtual host is the life-blood of a virtual event. If they don’t have the energy, the specific communication skills, organic personality, or they can’t read the demographic and attune their approach accordingly then you’ve just lost business.


From my years of performance, comedy producing expertise, professional workshop creation and facilitation skill sets and up-to-date video communication wizardry, I know just how much it takes to transcend an audience out of their “here’s-another-Zoom-call” slouch and into total engagement and electrifying excitement! Lift them out of the box to a place that totally rocks!


This is my micro niche – building teams and igniting dreams.


Don’t believe me? Drop me a line for a free 10 minute demo to experience it yourself.


What do you have to lose?


  • High energy international virtual events host
  • Host corporate, children’s, educational, game show, and teambuilding events
  • Bespoke events can be created
  • Educational, team-building and comedy events already available to book
  • Home studio set-up including green screen, 1080dpi camera (the maximum most platforms can handle for bandwidth), 4-part lighting system and lapel microphone
  • Can supply vetted actors and facilitators for your events
  • Can forge relationships with other global teambuilding service providers to supply events and collaborate
  • Technical support for virtual events
  • £20,000,000 public liability insurance
  • Licenced Zoom account for professional hosting
  • Enhanced DBS on the update service for children’s parties
  • Safer Events Accreditation

Most big businesses were historically born in a recession – the most successful in adapting seize the opportunity to evolve and take the market share. From collaborating with companies as a host, supplier, strategist, and inventing and running my own virtual events business, I guarantee the events you put your name on are unforgettable and extraordinary.


I save you so much hassle:


  • You must act fast to capture market changes – Trust a professional host to care for your event, freeing you up to do what you best and leave the performing to a professional. Making the most of your time is essential as more people are desperate for your help with the sudden and rising demand of the market. Why wouldn’t you set yourself up for more repeat clients?
  • We have different knowledge and trained skill sets – Reap the rewards of my cross-pollinated experiences and techniques from working with different companies around the world and their approaches to a variety of virtual events and sectors. Whilst I never share trade secrets from one company to another, my results do the talking: my unique style is a blend of my own development as a performer with over 10 years professional experience, my quick-witted comedy style bolstered by my specialism as an actor, writer and producer of comedy, 2.5 years of honing facilitation development and research, and my focusing on ONE Thing whilst you are new to this style in the industry.
  • No faff, no learning curve, you can focus on what is urgent and important – Save time on figuring out the technical aspects of online communication platforms such as Zoom, Webex, Remo, and Microsoft Teams. I have worked professionally as a back-end technician for escape rooms, stand-up comedians, variety acts, SpeedQuizzing and my own events.
  • Less management of human resources – Save more time and money on a team of technicians and event support when I can host and operate the technical side myself!
  • Less to worry about – Outsource and delegate the hiring and training process of bringing in surplus staff for high demand or bespoke events for that big client. I take the weight off, knowing that I have a pool of vetted professionals and can train them myself.
  • Ground-level insights – Brainstorm innovative ways of moving forward and taking advantage of projected market opportunities from someone who works internationally with companies from different sectors.
  • Get the real deal – Invest in a relationship with a presenter who does this full-time, rather than someone who occasionally dips in and out of filling in as ’host’. I’m here for you.
  • Elevate your brand – Make use of a company that has already invested in professional equipment, rather than relying on ‘getting by’ and representing your company and professional image from a makeshift office in your dining room with a fuzzy webcam.


It is smarter and far more reliable to hire a professional to ignite your virtual event than to put all your costly efforts into creating a physical event to then have it shut down by another lockdown or, even worse, deadly illness and putting others at risk.

Why wouldn’t you create a relationship with a dependable virtual events presenter rather than attempt to struggle through with an outdated model, guessing your way through a field you aren’t specialised in and running yourself down with superhero syndrome?

Your cost of inaction is far greater.

You cannot do everything yourself and, in this specific industry, you aren’t the best person for the job.

Give it to a performer with over 10 years experience who has worked with multiple companies already accomplishing what you strive to achieve.

I received a number of thank yous from the team to say how great he was and what a good time they had. Brightened up a pretty pants year.”


Jenny Wills, AMS Group

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