Blockbuster Bash!
The Ultimate Film Quiz!

This multiple-choice quiz is tailored to bring back those fantastic memories and bring your team together whilst adding a few more films to your must-watch list!

Crush those questions, revel in those epic stories, and have a great time grouping together in this accessible, fun, and engaging quiz! And it can also be played with pencil and paper or using the SpeedQuizzing Live app on your smartphone!
If you don't have a great experience, we offer a 120% money-back guarantee so any risk is on us!

*Events may be recorded for quality control and marketing purposes. Please let us know if you would like to opt out of this.





Up to 90 minutes


Based on 60 minutes:
Groups up to 20 - £285
Groups up to 40 - £375
Groups up to 60 - £500
Groups up to 100 - £650

Price for groups over 100 can be negotiated
One-time access to the Blockbuster Bash! The Ultimate Film Quiz! using the Speedquizzing Live app on your smartphone. Award-winning host included! Depending on the time allocated, the rounds are:

    i. Action

    ii. Family

    iii. Romance

    iv. Comedy

    v. Remakes and Reboots

    vi. All-Time Classics

    vii. Watch The Clip

    viii. What’s The Soundtrack

    If using the Speedquizzing app, scores will be sent at the end of the game.

    Pictures can also be taken at the end of the game if desired.

    Rooms can be open 15 minutes before and after the event upon request. Host privileges can also be allocated at the end of the event to keep it open for longer.

It was awesome. Everyone LOVED the energy and we’ve already gotten a ton of positive feedback. Thank you for being flexible with our timeline. That was a big success!
– Experian Health

Important Information:

Can be played using pen and paper or the Speedquizzing Live app (29mb) to be downloaded preferably on a smartphone.

The code will be sent on the day of the event. This can be before the event and will be sent during the gameplay through the chat function of the desired hosting platform.

Works best on Zoom but can be played over any hosting platform.

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