Christmas Crack-Up!

Learn how to create and tell your very own Christmas cracker jokes this Christmas with Shinny the Elf! Will your family be cracking up or will they think you’ve cracked?
If you don't have a great experience, we offer a 120% money-back guarantee so any risk is on us!

*Events may be recorded for quality control and marketing purposes. Please let us know if you would like to opt out of this.



Up to 300 participants.

1 – 40 provides a more hands-on experience but can be run for larger groups – the more the merrier!


15-90 minutes


Based upon a 60 minute event: Groups up to 10 - £214
Groups up to 20 - £302
Groups up to 30 - £379
Groups up to 40 - £430

£100 extra for every 10 people after Price for groups over 100 can be negotiated

Energetic comedy host Shinny the Elf! with professional comedic credits and educational experience

The workshop covers:
      i. The science of laughter – Laughing from head and stomach, what changes why we laugh and how audiences dictate our reaction.

      ii. Types of jokes and how they work – Logic, incongruity and how jokes take us one way then deliver in another.

      iii. How to write a joke – Including corporate speeches, one-liners, styles of joke, topical jokes and the technique to make a joke out of anything.

      iv. How to make a joke funnier – Patter, length, beats, clarity and precision of language.
      v. Delivery of comedy and jokes – Energy, body language, patter, audience and personal style.

      vi. Branding can be added for an extra £30.

      Pictures can be taken during and at the end of the event.

Thanks for that great show! Everyone had a lot of fun and I received very positive feedback from them. It was great, thank you!! 😊
- Webfleet

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