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Empowerment workshops aimed at making the most of the time away from work to revitalize personal/family life and come back with a game plan to level up
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Up to 60 minutes


Based upon a 60 minute event:
Groups up to 20 - £325
Groups up to 40 - £400
Groups up to 60 - £575
Groups up to 100 - £700
Do you feel drained of energy on a daily basis? Do you wish you could be happy instead of reacting to everything, making movement instead of progress? Do you feel confused about what direction to even go in now that the world has changed?

It’s been a rocky last few years, no wonder the elves are feeling burnout. Santa has called in his Chief Happiness Officer, Shinny Upatree, to get the Toy Workshop pumped and ready to rock ‘n’roll as the New Year comes in.

Using his high-octane energy, witty repartee, infectious optimism and game-changing skills of personal transformation, Shinny will give you the tools to create lasting change in every aspect of your life – from relationships, to time/life organisation, to business and personal success, even to your mental and physical health!
Don’t get tired, it’s time to re-wire! Through laughter, merriment and the spirit of Christmas, Shinny will lead you to:

      i. Destroy that never-ending to-do list and work from a position of choosing what is important to you instead of reacting to what life throws at you.

      ii. Create a personal kindness toolkit so you can be happy instantly no matter what!

      iii. Identify what really gets you going so you can charge effortlessly towards your goals by changing your values and your subconscious rules for success.

      iv. Prizes can be won for the first to get a row, then a column, then a diagonal and a full house.

      v. Ignite your body and mind so that you can have the same ENORMOUS energy that Shinny does!
      vi. Communicate better with your partner by understanding their love language, needs, and where your wires have gotten crossed.
      vii. Create simple and consistent habits that’ll take you from where you are to where you want to be, through the phenomenal power of compound growth with incremental gains!
      viii. Branding can be added for an extra £30.
We’re living in a new world now – it’s time for a new you.

Give yourself the gift of change this Christmas and set yourself up for a happy new year!
Thanks for that great show! Everyone had a lot of fun and I received very positive feedback from them. It was great, thank you!! 😊
- Webfleet

Brought to you by Alex Ranahan, winner of Leading Virtual Entertainment Provider UK and leader of the social media empowerment tribe Alex Ranahan Supercharge: https://www.facebook.com/AlexRanahanEmpowerment

Pictures can be taken during and at the end of the event.

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