Grounding Yourself with Empowerment in an Unstable World

This event is about giving you the tools to make the change yourself, to root yourself in the identity you would like to create and to give you simple but effective processes to be able to lay a new foundation that won’t be shaken.

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1-300 participants


60 minutes with paid option to keep room open 15 minutes before and after the event


20 minutes – £86
40 minutes – £172
60 minutes – £258
Participants will leave this class having learnt about:

      i. Time/task management organisation

      ii. Common sense time management

      iii. Small dietary hacks

      iv. Getting into a peak state with vocabulary, physiology and mentality

      v. Creating systems and habits that support you + habit linking
      vi. Transforming that inner voice in your head with submodalities
      vii. Personal kindness – rewarding yourself physically, with dopamine hits, tracking time, and how to pull yourself towards your goals rather than push.
      viii. Reading body language
I learned so much! Thank you! I can't wait to do more of these workshops and to incorporate them into my daily life.
Fantastic job!
- TenSpot

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