On The Spot!

Answer questions for your team to receive more cash! The harder the question, the more you receive – but will you be put in a position of jeopardy or will you make it rain?
If you don't have a great experience, we offer a 120% money-back guarantee so any risk is on us!

*Events may be recorded for quality control and marketing purposes. Please let us know if you would like to opt out of this.



1 - 300

Time Duration

60 minutes


Groups up to 20 - £325
Groups up to 40 - £400
Groups up to 60 - £575
Groups up to 100 - £700

Price for groups over 100 can be negotiated
Come and join us and hit us with your best shot!

One hour of game show trivia with a professional entertainment host.

Multiple rounds can be played across a broad spectrum of topics.

Bespoke questions can be submitted for corporate discussion or for in-joke silliness in hen party celebrations! There are multiple versions of this game for repeat bookings and extended play – just ask!

Icebreakers can be included such as scavenger hunt and sing/dance-off.

Pictures can be sent at the end.

The team all thought it was brilliant fun. So much energy! 😊
- Muller

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