Quizmas Crackers!
The Crimbo Quiz!

Time to see who is ho ho hopeful or ho ho hoping for a better answer as we go on a sleigh ride together with you to celebrate the best of the holiday season! Its snow laughing matter as we get merry with this bumper Christmas quiz extravaganza!
If you don't have a great experience, we offer a 120% money-back guarantee so any risk is on us!

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Up to 120 minutes


Based on 60 minutes:
Groups up to 20 - £325
Groups up to 40 - £400
Groups up to 60 - £575
Groups up to 100 - £700

Groups 100 + can be negotiated upon request
One-time access to the Quizmas Crackers! The Crimbo Quiz! using the Speedquizzing Live app on your smartphone.

Energetic host Shinny the Elf! included! Depending on the time allocated, the rounds are:

      i. Christmas movie trivia

      ii. Name the song and artist

      iii. General Knowledge

      iv. Picture round

      v. Music
      vi. Traditions
      vi. Lyrics
      vii. Story
      viii. Branding can be added for an extra £30.
Pictures can be taken during and at the end of the event.

Leaderboard scores and the final winner’s details can be passed on for prizes.

Special requests can be taken and extra rounds added for even more team bonding fun or a Christmas Party Extravaganza!!!
Please can you pass on our thanks to the host. I received a number of thank yous from the team to say how great he was and what a good time they had. Brightened up a pretty pants year.”
Jenny Wills – AMS Group

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