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1 – 40 participants preferably (for better participant experience) but can be run for larger groups up to 100


60 minutes with option to keep room open 15 minutes before and after the event


Groups up to 10 - £200
Groups up to 20 - £285
Groups up to 30 - £330
Groups up to 40 - £400

£10 per person after 30+
Price for groups over 40 can be negotiated
I’ll get you up on your feet and learning what you can take away and own:

      i. Self-mastery

      ii. How to get the right things done, making room for even more of the things you love

      iii. And how to get the energy and joy that will power you on this road to success

      So you can become the master of your destiny and supercharge your life to a whole new level. It’s time to step up - rather than needing to lie down.

      Book me in now and see how just 20 minutes of fun can give you the tools to change your life.

      This is the moment where you can save years of your life and thousands of pounds worth of research and experience….or stay as you have been, and look back in 20 years time that you didn’t do a thing.
We wanted to say a huge thank you for today, it all went very smoothly! It was fab, everything fit in so well and it was very energetic and fun, the perfect break in between all that listening and watching, participants will have appreciated the fun break. We hope you enjoyed doing it as much as we did!
Fantastic job!
– Development Beyond Learning

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